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Theatre on Friday

Friday, 2nd October 2015

This week has been a busy week. I've been driving around the country filming for various corporate video production projects. So how better to end an action packed week than with a bit of theatre.

Working with one of my regular clients, theatre in education, training and media company Collingwood Learning, I was asked to film elements of their latest educational drama piece before it was sent out on tour to schools in Kirklees next week.

This particular piece of theatre has been produced to educate and inform young people about the results of becoming involved in gang culture.

The purpose of filming the show is to provide online video content to be used as part of the teaching resources that are provided to the schools. The video's will assist in lessons that follow after the live performance and will be used as conversation starters and reminders of some of the theatre shows topical elements.

Video production - Theatre in education